Leger Herves, LLC Is a Property Management Firm Based in Westminster, Colorado

A property management firm, of course, is a company that deals directly with tenants and prospective tenants, thereby saving you a great deal of time and concern over managing and marketing your property rentals. A property management company will collect rent for you, will handle repair and maintenance issues for you, and will respond to all tenant complaints. It will even handle evictions for you.

Here in Westminster, Colorado one of the biggest things a property management firm must do is maintain the grounds of your property. Westminster is a very upscale, leafy green suburb of Denver. It is a place where people take great pride in their property, and become upset if they see anyone who apparently does not take pride in their property and lets it run down. That is why Westminster lawn care services are very important.

There are many lawn care services in Westminster, but the favorite of Leger Herves is Westminster Lawn Care Services, LLC, a company which has been in operation here for more than twenty years.


But we digress. Let us get back to our main subject.

“Would it be smart for me to hire a property management company?” That is a question that many rental property owners sooner or later find themselves asking themselves.

Property management companies can offer you some very big benefits, simplifying your life in a major way, but they are not cheap. On the contrary, they are very expensive.

They are so expensive, in fact (most property management firms demand 5% or 10% of all rental receipts) that when prospective clients come to us here at Leger Herves, we often try to dissuade them from using our services. We tell our would-be clients that they probably don’t need a property management company unless (1) they are not living near their rental units, or (2) they have a great many rental units or properties to manage.

But if you do live a far distance from your rental units, and/or you do have a great many rental units or properties to manage, then hiring a property management company can make sense for you.

If you fit into the above categories, and you have property to manage in the city of Westminster, Colorado, or in neighboring Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Northglenn or Broomfield, then we urge you to contact us.